“Your Local Cousin is a meaningful & useful trip planning service – worth every penny! It gave me an insiders look for local travel experts – the food, culture & people – more than I would get from reading a guide book or trawling through online reviews in just 45 mins.”

Helping Annette was a great experience finding local travel experts and local travel companions. It provokes thinking about the place you live at from a different angle and also reminds you to actually revisit some of the places you recommend on your own more frequently.

The most authentic travel advice, local travel experts, travel planning is given by friends and family who are local experts, but travelers don’t always have this option. Also, travelers with busy schedules find that visiting 36 sites over a 30-hour period (on average) is inconvenient. Your Local Cousin adds the most human element to travel planning – communicating with an actual local experts, using your local cousin who understands the traveler’s interests during the planning stage of a trip. We have hundreds of locals from around the globe ready to answer any questions you have about your destination. The company connects travelers with local travel experts in over 80 countries who can answer detailed questions, help avoid tourist traps and provide real time travel planning and unbiased recommendations. Visit www.yourlocalcousin.com to find out more on how we are disrupting the way travelers plan their vacations by finding local travel experts.