Indian Street Food That wont give you a Delhi-Belly!

Let’s face it, the best food in India is made on the streets by someone who has been making the same thing day in and day out for decades. Unfortunately most of these establishments cause “Delhi Belly” – major stomach problems that can last days and ruin a vacation. There are, however several street stalls that have proven the test of time and that we would consider safe for the traveler with a sensitive stomach. Many of the foods from these stalls are fully cooked and/or made with filtered water (that’s just the rumor on the street).

With COVID-19 running rampid, the last thing you want to do is sacrifice your health when checking out Indian street food. So make sure you avoid anything resembling bats, snakes, dogs or cats. Use plenty of sanitizer.

A note about who we are:

Kunal may have been born in Agra but has spent over a decade abroad in Germany, New York, Dubai and Singapore. Despite being Indian by blood his exposure to the foreign world has rendered his stomach “sensitive” and he has little tolerance for Indian street food (he can barely eat American fast food without spending hours on the toilet).

Aarti may be Indian by descent but she is a true “ABCD” born and raised in New York. Her stomach is so sensitive when she travels to India that when she was younger she would brush her teeth with filtered Bisleri water – to the amusement of her family.

New Delhi, M-block Market in Greater Kailash
Street stall: Momo-wala

You won’t be able to resist the fresh Momos from the street side shops as you make your way onto Greater Kailash Part 1 – M block market or GK1 M block as its popularly known to all the Delhites. This momo place has been around for a very long time and was always a place checked out by Kunal when he visited Delhi. The momos come with an intense red chilli sauce and to the surprise of Kunal it never made him make a dash for the neighboring Mcdonald’s rest room!

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